Bus Ride Blogging

Each day, I spend two hours or more on a bus. That adds up to 10 hours a week. In the five months that I’ve been back in Florida, the total of time spent on the bus is measured in days.

These numbers don’t reflect weekend trips like Greyhound trips to Miami and Gainesville. My year of service will be missing days due to bus rides.

This really didn’t bother me until yesterday when I met someone whose round trip is five hours. The man catches his first bus at 5:15 am and there is no guarantee he’ll make it to work on time. He seemed at peace with it, but it made me think more about our situations.

I refuse to lose any more time riding a bus. My life still depends on the bus, but I will make sure that my time is well spent.

From here on out, this will become the Bus Ride Blog. My hour ride will be spent thumbing away on my Droid to create posts on each ride. It will be the high altitude training for blogging. If I can do it here, I can do it anywhere.

So this has been post number 1, and it smells faintly like urine.


About David

David has had one night stands a stand-up comic, comic book writer and a writer in general. Each night he debates texting them just to see how they are doing, but that would be creepy. His first job after college is waiting tables at Famous Dave's Barbeque. There is a good chance that he was hired only for the onslaught of bad jokes he'd have to endure every day. As long as the tips are good and he's allowed time off, he will continue to serve until one of his true loves returns his call. Please dear god, I've changed. Just give me another chance.
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