Four RTs, Two Likes or What Metrics Mean to Me

So last week I was concerened about what my actual contributions to my organization were. I get lost in long term goals and have difficulty measuring growth. Unfortunately, all of my tasks involve both of these things.

I think I’m still in an intern mindset, where my time is best used for filing or stuffing envelopes. When a small project scrap was thrown my way, I would go nuts and do the best damn job at doing research or what ever it is I could do. Once I completed that individual task, it was back to the filing cabinets. That was how I measured my success, my ability to avoid filing.

By those standards things are going well, and they are. I have been updating the organizations Facebook and Twitter pages for a few days and I’ve slowly been building responses. Yesterday, I received the four RTs and two likes. Really those have no weight because they haven’t led directly to any actions of our behalf… yet. This is going to be one of those long term projects that will hopefully, show some numerable results. We have also gained six followers and two fans. That’s impressive, right?

This feels like something I enjoy and I will excel at. The only downside is I seem to avoid my computer when I get home. To put it one way, I slave all day over a hot twitter at work and you expect me to come home and tweet too? All of this screen time is balanced by my 10 mile bike ride each day, so that means I officially hate everything I like to do when I get home.

Yup, time for a new hobby.


About David

David has had one night stands a stand-up comic, comic book writer and a writer in general. Each night he debates texting them just to see how they are doing, but that would be creepy. His first job after college is waiting tables at Famous Dave's Barbeque. There is a good chance that he was hired only for the onslaught of bad jokes he'd have to endure every day. As long as the tips are good and he's allowed time off, he will continue to serve until one of his true loves returns his call. Please dear god, I've changed. Just give me another chance.
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