Two Weeks Down, 50 To Go

Let me start of by saying that I’m not the counting days until I’m free from AmeriCorps. If that were the case, it would be a very long year, and I should look into spending it doing something else. The truth is that I love my job, and I’m trying to find a way to mark my progress. The first two weeks boil down to roughly four percent of my total service. I’m not sure if that’s a proper way to quantify my time, but if I’ve completed four percent of service, then I should be four percent nearer to my goals. That hasn’t been the case, but I know I’m not too far behind.
To this date, I’m still not sure what I’ve accomplished. My first week was a short one due to Thanksgiving, and my office was just set up with a working computer, name plaque and business cards. I’ve spent at least five hours a day doing research for my social media plan. My goal is to execute a successful campaign plan across multiple platforms and find the metric to measure it. This includes utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr to send out our message. I’ve been looking into a new site as well, Ammado. Based from Ireland, this site features 100,000 members and is designed to help non-profits. I’m hoping that signing on as an early adopter will payoff down the road. But for know, it’s time to focus on what I know, or what I think I know.
All my time has been leading to the execution of my social media plan. And as I presented my rushed first draft, I realized that it was filled with uhs, ums and a handful of typos. I never intended this quick run through to turn into my bad first impression, but I have always under prepared for situations like this. I remember misspelling a professors name when asking for a recommendation, and sending this line to another professor during sophomore year. I plan to be a great writter. Yup, writter. These mistakes feel like a punch the gut, but always remind to try harder.
Other than that, things have gone well outside the office. I started my morning commute to work which involve waking up at five a.m. and biking to the bus stop by six. The bus travels down I-4 and drops me off in downtown Orlando, about three miles from my office. So by eight, I’ve biked five miles and been up for three hours. If I keep this up, I might be in pretty good shape. The only downside is my level of consciousness that early in the morning. On my second day, I lost my wallet that contained a crisp $50 bill and my new $80 bus pass. In any other situation, that would be a career ender, but the people at Lynx have outstanding morality and I was reunited with my wallet the next day. I’m not sure how to properly thank my bus drive, and I’m open to suggestion. The best thing I can do is try and pay it forward if the opportunity arises.
And by the way, six months without writing have definitely weakened my sense of style. Note to self, read up on have, has and commas. Feel to point out any other errors along the way.


About David

David has had one night stands a stand-up comic, comic book writer and a writer in general. Each night he debates texting them just to see how they are doing, but that would be creepy. His first job after college is waiting tables at Famous Dave's Barbeque. There is a good chance that he was hired only for the onslaught of bad jokes he'd have to endure every day. As long as the tips are good and he's allowed time off, he will continue to serve until one of his true loves returns his call. Please dear god, I've changed. Just give me another chance.
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