A Lesson in Self Reliance

Lately, I’ve noticed how difficult it is to come up with original content. This ongoing project would have been running a long time ago if I could track down sources and set up interviews. It feels like I’m in some sort of blogging limbo. People seemed reluctant to talk when I was a student, but they would go through the motions to help out with a class assignment. Even at the Metro, people weary of the revolving door of interns. Still, I was able to start some great contacts and receive an invite to the Maxim Super Bowl Party. (I couldn’t get it cleared by my former editor fast enough and decided it would be bad to crash the party…) Now I am on my own and worse off. I haven’t exactly figured out how to use my credentials yet. Saying “Hello, I’m trying to pitch a story to The Blade. Do you have time set up an interview?” doesn’t roll off the tongue or seem to impress people. Maybe I am starting off a bit too ambitious, but these are the things I’m quickly learning. In the mean time, I still need to find topics.

Thanks to an article at the Online Journalism Blog, Paul Bradshaw presents the 12 types of posts to really get a blog rolling. I have mixed feelings about what’s on the list. Most of the items aren’t newsworthy, but I have to remind myself that this isn’t news. With suggestions like #6-Pick a fight, it’s hard to take it seriously. But there are others that really stand out and seem simple like #10-Make a list. Bradshaw’s article is a list and look how it turned out. Other notable tips include reflect on something, review something and write a how-to. These may seem like common sense, but it’s help me organize my ideas of upcoming posts.

I’ve already started a few comic books and I’ve also started drinking craft beers strictly as research for a larger article. A friend from Florida sent me a gift to get me started in that department.


The Rate That Beer pad comes a checklist of beer qualities and several spaces for useful information. Her goal is for me to make money reviewing beers so I can move back to Florida. It’s good to know that someone else shares my dream.


About David

David has had one night stands a stand-up comic, comic book writer and a writer in general. Each night he debates texting them just to see how they are doing, but that would be creepy. His first job after college is waiting tables at Famous Dave's Barbeque. There is a good chance that he was hired only for the onslaught of bad jokes he'd have to endure every day. As long as the tips are good and he's allowed time off, he will continue to serve until one of his true loves returns his call. Please dear god, I've changed. Just give me another chance.
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