Phase II of My Plan is Almost Complete

So I am either a late adopter or completely oblivious to how the Internet works. Today after a brief tutorial, I finally understood RSS and went subscription crazy. There’s a chance I won’t be reading Eat ‘Em All everyday, but I want to know what they do and the moment they do it.

So as the rest of my plan, it’s going a bit better than expected. Honestly, I had very low expectations after abandoning Florida for Ohio. With great thanks to the people at the Toleet Up, I have begun networking and following their advice. The biggest thing I learned besides Blarneys has cheap and delicious wings is that I should start branding my name. I’m not entirely sure what my name represents yet. I’ve dropped half of it because it is entirely too long and easily forgetable, but they went on to say that blogging would be the first step to branding.

Almost two years ago, I took a stab at being a comic book critic. It didn’t last long and I wondered what else I could do. There was an equally brief stint reviewing liquor for the Tampa Bay Metro. I’m not sure what will be the next step, but above all, I want to become an excellent story teller. I’m not referring to sitting around a campfire, although that is a perfectly viable talent. I want to capture the best traits of a medium to tell a story.  I want to show something through words, pictures, video and the best graphic representation. It may not happen right away. There are skills to learn, equipment to obtain and, most of all, stories to find.


About David

David has had one night stands a stand-up comic, comic book writer and a writer in general. Each night he debates texting them just to see how they are doing, but that would be creepy. His first job after college is waiting tables at Famous Dave's Barbeque. There is a good chance that he was hired only for the onslaught of bad jokes he'd have to endure every day. As long as the tips are good and he's allowed time off, he will continue to serve until one of his true loves returns his call. Please dear god, I've changed. Just give me another chance.
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